For wholesalers and warehouse owners, flexibility is essential. Adapting your service to suit seasonal trends, tight margins and changing customer behaviours is the difference between sinking and swimming. That’s where invoice factoring and discounting comes in.

Keep your overheads at bay

At Pure Commercial Finance, we believe that invoice finance allows your distribution business the ultimate elasticity.

Instead of waiting for payments from clients and having to rely on fluctuating demand, our service allows you to unlock funds from your debtors and overcome those high fixed overheads.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance raises money against any invoices you’re yet to send customers. By using an invoice as the asset against which money can be raised, any business can enjoy a quick cash lump sum without depending on future earnings.

Why choose Pure Commercial Finance’s invoice factoring?

Complete Professionalism

Great rates – release up to 85% of your original invoices.

Complete Professionalism

Stay ahead of the rest – use invoice finance to invest in essential services.

Complete Professionalism

Quick cash – cash I your account within 24hrs of raising the invoices to your clients.

Complete Professionalism

Flexibility – terms and conditions that suit your business.

Complete Professionalism

Knowledge – our expert staff know how to source the best deals.

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