As a temporary or permanent recruitment specialist, you’re used to sourcing the very best for your clients. But have you thought how invoice factoring or confidential invoice discounting could be the best deal for your business?

Wave goodbye to cash flow problems

With some contractors needing payment in less than 7 days and client invoices taking weeks to process, at Pure Commercial Finance we know that cash flow for recruitment agencies can run hot and cold. That’s how invoice finance helps.

Waiting for invoices to be paid? Need to sign off on the latest big deal? Say goodbye to cash flow issues by releasing those funds lying dormant in your invoices.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance allows you to access the funds tied up in unpaid finances. Using invoices you’ve yet to send to clients as a financial asset, it means that can enjoy quick cash flow without worrying about credit ratings, future earnings or property.

Why choose Pure Commercial Finance for invoice factoring?

Complete Professionalism


Leading rates – our links with leading financiers offer you the best rates


Complete Professionalism

Quick funds – invoices drawn against within 24 hrs of raising them

Complete Professionalism

Assessment – we can take a look at your current arrangements and beat it in most cases

Complete Professionalism

Industry expertise – knowledge to help your agency access the most competitive finance

Complete Professionalism

Tailored help – a specialised service that puts your business first

Complete Professionalism

Adaptability – flexible plans that suit you down to the ground

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