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Anyone who runs a creative agency knows that there’s no such thing as a client that pays on time, every time. Invoice finance allows you to cash in on any of those outstanding bills – taking the stress and uncertainty out of managing an agency.

An end to cash flow pressures

Looking to take your business to the next level? Instead of having to depend on unreliable clients, invoice finance plans with Pure Commercial Finance offer you the freedom to leave behind cash flow issues and invest your time and money in growing your business.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance treats unpaid invoices as an asset. Put simply, it means that we can pay you for any unpaid invoices you may have.

What’s more, unlike other forms of finance, invoice factoring isn’t dependant on healthy accounts or owning expensive property. All you need is an invoice you’re yet to send to a customer and you can access those funds, fast and without any hassle.

How can Pure Commercial Finance’s invoice factoring help a creative agency?

Complete Professionalism

Fast funds – cash cleared in a matter of days

Complete Professionalism

Effective service – consultants who understand the creative industries

Complete Professionalism

Wide range – a number of plans available to suit different needs

Complete Professionalism

Leading contacts – top links with leading financiers guarantees the best schemes

Complete Professionalism

Flexible plans – cashed invoices when you need them the most

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