Acquisitions and Management Buyouts

If you’re looking to generate working capital and substantial equity to structure acquisitions, we can help. Expert staff at Pure Commercial Finance have years of experience in using invoice finance to generate the essential equity for forward-thinking businesses and individuals.

Providing you with the finance for expansion

Invoice factoring and discounting allows you the opportunity to maximise your equity through monetising assets and unpaid invoices. It’s more lucrative than using an overdraft and more flexible than most business loans.

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What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance means you can unlock the money tied up in unpaid invoices.

Using invoices you’re yet to send clients as the principal asset, we buy them from you and allow you access to funds you need in a fast, flexible and simple way.

Why use invoice factoring with Pure Commercial Finance?

Complete Professionalism

Specialist service – our staff are experienced in using invoice finance for acquisitions

Complete Professionalism

Less dilution of equity – so you have more to spend on day-to-day cash flow

Complete Professionalism

Leading rates – sourced from our leading contacts

Complete Professionalism

Flexible finance – the money you need at a time that suits you

Complete Professionalism

Fast funds – equity available in a matter of days

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