There are a number reasons that companies may look at using invoice finance to improve their current situation. It may be that you’re struggling to cover your running costs or that lengthy invoicing terms are restricting the amount of new work you can take on.

If so, then it may be worth considering invoice financing companies. This allows you to gain access to essential funds as soon as your invoices are sent out, giving you the capital you need to grow your business.

What is Invoice Financing?

There are two types of invoice finance available to businesses and both raise the funds against the invoices of your clients.

Invoice Factoring – the responsibility of collecting the debt from the clients lies with the lender. This can be done with or without bad debt protection.

Invoice Discounting – you maintain full control of collecting the money so your clients are unaware that you have such a facility (see: Confidential Invoice Discounting). Again, this can be carried out with or without bad debt protection.

How can Pure Commercial Finance help?

As professional invoice finance brokers, we can help you enjoy the best possible deals and keep your business out of the red. Doing this enables you to have the edge on your competitors and increase the amount of business you can generate each month.

We have years of experience within the invoice factoring and discounting industry and we know what having money in the company means to you, which is why we work quickly in order to get a finance package tailored to your specific requirements.


Why work with us?

When you work with us you’ll find we’re committed to giving you the best possible service.

Here’s how we help:

Complete Professionalism

Excellent customer service – we pride ourselves on the level of attention we give each of our clients. We’ll listen to your needs and ensure you receive the best possible solution with no upfront fees.

Complete Professionalism

Perfect fit – there are many invoice financing packages out there, but not all of them will be right for you. With us, you’ll enjoy the best rates and a package that’s right for your needs.

Complete Professionalism

Quick solutions – we understand that having finance when you need it is important. We’ll work tooth and nail to source solutions, fast.

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