Portfolio Mortgages

Need a multiple property mortgage?

Not a problem. At Pure Commercial Finance we’re experts in providing you with complex portfolio mortgages, whether you’re a first time landlord or a property tycoon. All our mortgages are tailored exactly to your needs, ensuring that you get the best packages and rates.

Why use Pure Commercial Finance to arrange portfolio mortgages?

Quite simply, we’re the best at what we do. We have years of experience brokering all sorts of finance deals, giving us a great relationship with a variety of lenders across the UK which means that we are able to get you the best mortgages out there and giving you a wealth of flexibility when negotiating the right deal.

We know that you will probably want to sell ahttp://www.purecommercialfinance.co.uk/commercial-mortgages/owner-occupiernd buy new properties as time goes on. With one umbrella mortgage, it’ll be easier to grow and adapt your portfolio. If you’ve two or more properties you’ll find it much easier to calculate the income percentage over your entire portfolio.

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We do everything we can to get you the perfect portfolio mortgage

How do we do this? By providing a quality service that includes:

Complete Professionalism

Offering independent advice – we have no ties to any particular lender. That means every piece of advice we offer is based entirely on what’s best for you, not which bank we prefer.

Complete Professionalism

Wealth of industry knowledge – with years of experience behind us and a vast network of lending contacts we have an unrivalled knowledge of the market. This means that we can tailor your application in a way that lenders will love, ensuring you get the lowest possible rates.

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